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(Español) Rebel Master Kid Cross 50, la pequeña que faltaba

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New look design for Rebel Master 2013

Master Rebel presents for new models in 2013 a new more aggressive and radical aesthetics.
While retaining the characteristic red and red fender most characteristic still using all the bikes Rebel Master from 2011, now that most of the pit bikes have a decoration on a white base, as to the same Master Rebel the date, the time has come for this 2013 to propose a radical makeover, and to fashion the color black.
Master Rebel plays it breaks the look, and find new sensations in the aesthetics of the new models.
In this case we see the first picture of the new look.
It belongs to Rebel Master RX 140 model, an old model that appears again and again after repeated requests from customers.
It RX140, with few variations, but with the new aesthetic black and red.
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(Español) Operación “renove” para pit bikes ORION, APOLLO y SCORPION

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